All about

Cramp Bark Berries

People call itBlack Haw or Snowball Tree. It is a shrub that grows up to four meters high with brownish grey bark, leaves consisting of three parts and white flowers arranged in the scutate clusters.

Especially Slavic countries, Russia and Ukraine loves Viburnum, as they have many folk songs, legends and proverbs about it and they consider Cramp Bark Berries as the symbol of beauty and love. Healers consider it a magical tree and woman just have to touch it and then she is free of all the miseries.This shrub promotes beauty and plasticity.. People actually  went to Viburnum so they can regain their chosen one because this tree also grants attraction vibes that can be easily given from one person to another  Branches of Viburnum are used in the wedding rituals as the symbol of love and harmony.

In the Ancient Egypt and Rome Viburnum was not only praised by poets but people used its fruits also in the healing. Martial romans used it as an effective blood coagulant. In Bulgaria it was used not only as blood coagulant but also in case of gynaecological bleeding, but flowers were applied to treat stomach and intestines diseases. People noticed than when youinsert the flower in the water it keeps the water fresh for long.

What is so beneficial in this small

red berry

Kernel has 21% of precious oils enriched with vitamin A. Vitamin A restores the skin, strengthens and improves eyesight, promotes normal metabolism.
Cramp Bark Berries are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C fortifies immune system and reduces level of bad cholesterol, as well as prevents formation of clots of blood.
Cramp Bark Berries has also lot of vitamin E. Vitamin E has a good cosmetic effect: it strengthens hair and nails, improves firmness and suppleness of the skin.Cramp Bark Berries decrease blood pressure, improve resistance of blood vessels and elasticity, reduce level of cholesterol in the blood and improve blood structure.

Cramp Bark Berries are rich in iron and phosphor that is needed to fortify the bones and stimulate brain activity. Cramp Bark Berries contain also zinc and manganese that improves metabolism and stimulates protection functions in the body.

Cramp Bark Berries are sourly bitter with astringent effect, this is the reason why these berries been forgot for no reason.