A Family Business Built on a Passion for Healthy Living


is a family owned business that was created because I had a desire for all members of my family to look good and feel good inside-out.

We came across that cramp bark ( Viburnum Opulus ) BERRIES, SEEDS and BARK by chance via history and literature. After reading about its possible health benefits, we decided to give it a try and we cultivated the berry for our personal use and, it improved our health and skin tremendously.

These results plus the extra laboratory findings we made inspired us to share this gift of nature with the rest of the world. Our business was named BestBerry because we saw an abundance of minerals and vitamins packed into this berry. This is what made us vote it as nature’s best berry.

BestBerry started as a small garden of cramp bark berry bushes

cramp bark berry bushes

From there, we gradually grew and nurtured our idea till it became 1 hectare of cramp bark berries. Since the moment we discovered how cramp bark berry could be used to achieve healthy living and beautiful skin, we have never looked back.

Today, our dream has become

6 hectares big

We own 6 big Cramp Bark Berry fields in Latvia – the biggest in Europe. After our first products (cramp bark juice and dried cramp bark berry powder) were made, buyers came back for more and this inspired us to expand into health and beauty products. We are continuously exploring new and creative ways to share this health wonder with the rest of the world.

BestBerry products are made from

PURELY NATURAL and WHOLLY ORGANIC ingredients with cramp bark berries serving as the major ingredient. Our berries are cultivated through natural and organic means only.

Today our products promote beauty, good health and total wellness – everything that makes up a beautiful life. We are in business to make people feel beautiful, healthy and happy. Our premium range of natural products are packed full with healthy vitamins that are beneficial to the attainment of wholesome health.

BestBerry Cramp Bark Berry Juice