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Healing abilities

Bestberry fona attēls

Guelder rose especially loves Slavic peoples, in Russia and Ukraine it is sung in folk songs, mentioned in legends and beliefs and is considered a symbol of beauty and love. The nominators considered it a tree endowed with magical abilities, and only by touching it, a woman is freed from all misfortunes. A shrub that enhances beauty and plasticity. Guelder rose went to get and recover the chosen man, because it spreads vibrations of attraction, which easily pass from person to person. Guelder rose branches are used in wedding rituals as a symbol of love and harmony.

In ancient Egypt and Rome, partridge was not only sung by poets, but its fruits were also used in healing. The partridge was used by the warlike Romans as an effective means of stopping blood. In Bulgaria, it was used not only as a blood suppressant, but also for gynecological bleeding, while flowers were used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Even then, it was noticed that a branch placed in the water keeps the water fresh for a long time.

What is so useful about this little red berry?

A vitamīns

The seed contains 21% of very valuable oil, which is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A regenerates the skin, strengthens and improves vision, promotes normal metabolic processes

C vitamīns

Guelder rose are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and lowers bad cholesterol, as well as prevents blood clots from forming in the blood vessels.

Ikona vitamīniem

Guelder rose are also rich in iron and phosphorus, which are needed to strengthen bones and stimulate brain activity.

Ikona vitamīniem

Guelder rose also contain zinc and manganese, which improves metabolism and stimulates the body’s protective functions.

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